Aster Free Joomla template
Aster Free Joomla template

Aster Free Joomla template Version: 1.0

Hot Joomla 3.x Responsive Bootstrap Framework

Aster offers you all you need to build a responsive joomla website that your visitors will be glad to browse. A new feature in this design is the ability to have parallax effect on any background image (body background image or container background image). This creates a nice effect when scrolling down the page in your browser. Check out the examples styles in the demo to see what you can create with aster.
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Module Suffix Classes

Image Hover / Link Effects
  • Make an instant impact using the Jumbotron.
  • Post a simple marketing message or call to action to your sites visitors!
  • See Jumbotron Examples

Font Awesome Icons and Styling
Background Patterns
  • aster comes with 3 textured preset background patterns.

Animations effects
  • Add some cool animation effects to elements within your site. In our demo you will see how certain containers slide in and out of the view port on scroll. For full explanation and examples please see the Animation Classes menu item under the features menu item in the top menu.

Aster also gives you complete color control over every element of the design. Each wrapper (Header, Slideshow, Menus, Top modules, bottom modules, base modules, main container, footer copyright) comes with a complete set of template parameters to allow you to control text and link colors wrapper color, wrapper opacity and much more.