TerraClassifieds 1.1 version brings new great features

Added: 08/02/2019 10:30 Author: PixelEmu | https://www.pixelemu.com

TerraClassifieds free WordPress classifieds plugin was just updated to 1.1 version. This update brings new useful features and improvements. Let’s focus on them.


It’s the main new feature added in TerraClassifieds 1.1 version. Location is manually filled from the WordPress admin panel. The introduction of this feature results in adding many new settings in various areas of the plugin. 

Add to favorites
This feature can be enabled in the plugin settings for advert view, category view, and latest ads widget as well.

Required fields on adding advert view

We have added the possibility to specify whether location fields are required or not. 

New view for subcategories
You can set the number of columns (for an extended category tree) and enable control over the subcategories appearance when adding the new advert.

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